Goals alone will get you nowhere

I recently read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. My sister gave it to me but I’d heard about it many times before. Layne Beachley recommended I read it when we were in Fiji together. Nic McClanachan referenced it at a recent Business Chicks retreat. You know those times when you hear something again and again. It’s like the universe whispering, then speaking, then yelling: READ THIS. 

Ok, so this book is awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to build better habits to build a better life. 

There’s so many nuggets of gold in this book and I’m going to share just one in today’s blog: 

“Forget about goals”

When I first read this, I tilted my head and screwed up my nose and thought “huh?”. Because every business course or training I’ve been a part of, and every business book I’ve read, they all talk about setting goals. We even reference setting goals in our program, eComm Ignitor. 

But… I get what he’s saying. He’s saying goals alone will get you nowhere. 

And I have to agree. 

He says: 

“Forget about goals, focus on systems instead”

So why are systems more important than goals? 

1. Winners and losers have the same goals. 

Read that again. 

Winners and losers have the same goals. 

For me, this sentence was the most powerful one in the entire book. Mind. Blown. 

Surely, every Olympic athlete has the same goal of winning a gold medal. 

But only one person in each event actually achieves their goal. 

So… the goal itself is not the defining factor. 

2. Achieving a goal gives you fleeting satisfaction

Let’s say your goal is to have 2 weeks of content scheduled in advance at all times. You might have a burst of motivation and schedule out your content for the next 2 weeks. You’ll feel good and… then… out of nowhere those 2 weeks have flown by and you haven’t even thought about the next two weeks. This is because you don’t have a system in place. As we say in eComm Ignitor, if it isn’t scheduled it won’t happen. 

You need more than a goal to achieve the outcome you want. So, you achieved your goal once, but achieving the goal gives you fleeting satisfaction and you’ll wind up back where you were before you achieved the goal in no time…. Unless you have a system in place. 

3. Goals can create a yo-yo effect 

Have you ever run a half-marathon? Or know someone who has? They train for months then as soon as they cross the finish line… they stop training. This is the ultimate example of the yo-yo effect. 

Instead of being someone who is training for a half-marathon, can you be a runner who has a system of running everyday? 

So there you have it, a few reasons why we should forget about the goals and focus on the systems. What do you think? Has this changed your perspective on goals? Would love to hear your thoughts. Comment and let us know