5 most popular blogs of 2021

One piece of advice that we repeatedly tell our clients and students is to “know your numbers”. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so we regularly look at our metrics, and at the end of each year, we look at our stats for the entire year. One of the things we measure is our most-read blogs. We do this so we know what you want and what you’re finding helpful.

This year, we’re back with our most popular blogs of 2021. We wanted to share this with you, just in case you missed them.


1. How to block people from commenting on your ads or posts

After discussing trolls and how to deal with them as a business owner on a podcast episode, we’ve had a few people ask us “how do I ban someone from my page?”. So in this blog, we share a detailed step-by-step guide on how to block people from engaging with your content. 


2. How to improve your abandon cart rate

Abandon Carts are a normal part of running an eCommerce store but there are things you can do on your website to minimise people leaving your site before making their purchase. In this blog, we share both on-site and off-site assists to help you improve your abandon cart rate.


3. Simple Wisdom from Decjuba’s Owner & CEO, Tania Austin

In one of our blogs, we share a little taste of Tania’s wisdom from a fireside chat hosted by Emma Isaacs as part of the Business Chicks Business Club. We’ve gotten so much from this chat and hope you will too!


4. Eco-friendly packaging options for your online store

If you run an online store, no matter what size, you need to think about the environmental impact your packaging is making. Changing to eco-friendly packaging is good for the planet and your business and every little bit helps. In this blog, we share tips and options for a more eco-friendly packaging.


5. How the iOS 14.5 Update Is Affecting Facebook Ads

This year, the Apple iOS 14.5 update started to roll out in Australia. In this blog, we give you a rundown on what this means, what to expect and what you should do for your business.


So there you have our most popular blogs of 2021 but before you go, let us share the blogs that we think slipped under the radar.


Here are some blogs you might have missed:

1. Tips for running an online store as a busy mum

Running any business, let alone an online store, with kids is tough. In this blog, we share some strategies that may help make your day easier.


2. Will Facebook Ads work for me?

In this blog, we share the non-negotiable ingredients that your business needs in order for Facebook Ads to work for you. 


3. Stop comparing your results to peak Covid

In this blog, we explain why the peak of Covid shouldn’t be a benchmark for your sales.


4. How we turned $41k into $1.3million

In one of our blogs, we break down the details on how one of our campaigns for our client generated $1.3 million in direct revenue from an expenditure of $41,000 proving that creative messaging paired with clever deliverability can indeed produce outstanding results.


5. How to turn your website visitors into email subscribers

In this blog, we share some tips on shaking up your email strategy and finding a new creative way to ask for emails. 


So there you have it, our most popular blog of 2021 + five that we think snuck under the radar and you don’t want to miss.

Comment and let us know what your favourite blog post of ours for 2021 was!

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