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What if I told you…

you are only 5 days away from Profitable Facebook ads


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8-12 April 2024

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Let me guess, you’ve tried ads before but they didn’t work and left you feeling frustrated?

Maybe you’ve invested with an agency but the only people seeing a profit were them? 🤮

You’ve heard about ads being the driving force of successful eCommerce stores but you feel like you’re just wasting money?

eCommerce mentor Karyn Parkinson

Real Talk:

The reason your ads aren’t working is not because of your Creative, Copy or budget

It’s because you don’t have a proven, repeatable strategy specific to eCommerce

eCommerce is a completely different ball game

Your website conversion rate, average order value and traffic all play a big role in the profitability of your business.

A good eCommerce ad strategy optimises all of these elements so you can generate profit from your ads.

Regardless of what you’ve heard from all the nay sayers, Facebook ads still work. You just need an effective strategy in place, specific to eCommerce.

You don’t need to pay an agency thousands of dollars to run your ads for you. It is possible to generate AMAZING results for your brand once you and/or your team implement these strategies.

I’m here to help you make it a reality.

What if you could 5X your return on ad spend?

Imagine having the exact framework I use in my award-wining agency to scale eCommerce businesses to 6 figures and beyond.

Get ready to…

Imagine having the exact framework I use in my award-wining agency to scale eCommerce businesses to 6 figures and beyond.

Get ready to…

Turn more browsers into buyers by increasing your conversion rate

Be seen by the right people at the right time with the right message

Stop wasting money on Facebook ads that don’t work and start seeing a profitable return

Implement an agency-tested (and award winning) ad funnel into your business

Learn what’s working right now in eCommerce and replicate amazing results for yourself – over and over again.

They made $14.36 for every $1 spent on ads! 

Join the challenge below to take the first step towards growing your eCommerce business to 6 figures+ with profitable Facebook ads.

I’m ready for the Challenge!

“I implemented the changes Karyn suggests for my website and my conversion rate jumped from 1.22% to 4.37% in just 2 weeks!”

Lauren, Lauren Skye Studio

“I now have the confidence to tackle the ads on my own.”

Before the challenge I found Facebook ads too overwhelming to even start.

I now have a much better understanding about the ads and e-commerce in general. I now have the confidence to tackle the ads on my own.

Loved the community and the bite sized learning broken down into easy manageable sections. Loved all of it!  Would definitely recommend!!


Blake & Taylor

Here’s what you’ll walk away with

Inside the 5 Day Facebook Ad Challenge…

The Pathway to Profit 5- Day Facebook™ Ad Challenge isn’t just another challenge that’s going to leave you with a world of ideas, yet no actionable steps. 

This is an interactive challenge that’ll position you to increase your revenue, uplevel your visilbility and amplify your results using Facebook™ and Instagram™ ad campaigns.

I’ll help you attract the perfect audience for your product with your ads, taking out all the guess work. You’ll learn how to show your ads to the right people, at the right time to turn them into loyal customers and skyrocket your revenue. 

You’ll learn the exact Facebook™ ad campaigns I run for my top paying agency clients that are working RIGHT NOW. 

Turn More Browsers Into Buyers

  • Opportunity for a live website audit to know exactly what to change on your website
  • Increase your conversion rate to make your ads more effective
  • Create a seemless experience for customers

Increase your average order value

  • Get each customer spending more to increase your return
  • Learn the tools I use to create order bumps, bundles and more
  • Implement my number 1 strategy for increasing your profit margin
Module icon for Know Your Numbers in eCommerce course

Know Your Numbers

  • Ensure you have a profitable return on ad spend for your business
  • Walk away with the exact metrics you need to hit to earn your goal revenue
  • Amplify your results with the right conversion rate, average order value and traffic

Find More Customers

  • Learn the game changing strategy I use to attract the perfect audience on Facebook every time
  • Works for any niche or product
  • Have the opportunity to brainstorm your creative to ensure great results

Award Winning eCommerce Facebook Ad Funnel

  • Learn the EXACT ad funnel I use in my award winning eCommerce ad agency to get insanely high return on ad spend!
  • Unlock the power of strategic retargeting
  • Know which campaigns to set up for each stage of your product ad funnel
  • Know what types of ads to create, who to show them to and what to say

“Since doing the challenge I now understanding the Funnel of Facebook ads. I have seen my page start to grow, just by doing the top funnel ad, my business has grown by 397% just by implementing what Karyn taught in the Challenge”

Julie, Kaftans That Bling

Oh, and since we may not have officially met, yet

I’m Karyn.

I have 12+ years in the eCommerce marketing industry under my belt and I run an award-winning agency known for consistently yielding crazy-high ROI. 

Needless to say, I know exactly what it takes for an online store to scale.

(Like my ad funnel formula that repeatedly generates over 10x return on ad spend, (well above industry average.)

I’ve supported 250+ eCommerce business owners with up-to-the-minute, best-practice advice that’s transformed their struggling online stores into too-legit-to-quit success stories. 

The best part? Now I’m here to help you. 

I know my pathway-to-profit methods will help you turn more browsers into buyers (before you spend a cent on Facebook ads!) and put you at the helm of a wildly successful eCommerce business.

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Challenge Feedback

Doing the challenge has enabled me to look at my website with new eyes! In fact it has made me be more clear about my purpose!! Thank you!! 

I enjoyed the easy and clear step by step process that Karyn put in place. She made it easy to understand for marketing dummies like myself, whom have no skills whatsoever in this field.

Would absolutely recommend!! Every time.


Baa Baa Baby

Before the challenge I was convinced I was wasting money with a ‘hit or miss’ approach to my Facebook ads.

I loved being told that I needed to up my conversion rate to a SPECIFIC percentage before starting FB ads and there were real, actionable things I could implement straight away to help do that.

I enjoyed the interactive-ness! The information delivered without waffle!

Would absolutely recommend! 


Glow & Co NZ

Before the challenge my biggest concern was that I was wasting my money (and I was). The platform changes so much all the time, and after only 6 months of not running ads I knew nothing again when I went back to the ad manager.

Since the challenge I have gone and changed my website home page and product pages etc – making them optimized to selling. Little things that I have forgotten are once again remembered and implemented.

I learned so much!

I enjoyed being in a community atmosphere – I work alone and don’t have the chance to talk and discuss all things website and e-commerce.

I would absolutely recommend!



Before the challenge I didn’t know how to do Facebook ads properly.

Since doing the challenge I have already made some tweaks to my website- keen to make more that were recommended.

Two things stood out;

1. Your generosity with your SME knowledge

2. We stayed on each call and would use our websites and validate the theory, so practical!


TACO The Label

Before the challenge I didn’t know how to target an audience for my niche.

Now I have confidence in making sure everything is set up first before running Facebook ads and how to set up the best funnel for the ads.


Salt & Sun Gift Co

Before the challenge I wasn’t sure if I was ready to start Facebook advertising.

The challenge has made me get more focused, believe in myself and my product and to revisit eComm ignitor to complete the training and action it.

I enjoyed the opportunity to have you look at the website and brainstorm ideas together.

I would absolutely recommend!!


Wear Me Wheatbag

Karyn is a gem to find in the eCommerce training field. Her training is down to earth and easy to follow. I love her ‘step-by-step’ instructions and she also makes any complicated stuff seem simple. 
Highly recommended!

Twizzle Designs

This challenge is for you if…

✔️ You are an eCommerce product based business

✔️ You want to learn how to start running effective Facebook™ ads for your business

✔️ Your customers are raving about your products but you want to sell more

✔️ Your products sell like hot cakes at markets but you can’t get the same results online

✔️ You’re sick of spending money on Facebook™ and seeing nothing in return

✔️ You’re tried of wasting money on an agency and not seeing profit for yourself

✔️  You’ve tried to DIY it, but it’s not really working + your confused

✔️  You’re growing your in house team, and you want to invest in mentorship to help you with your ads

✔️ Sales are going well organically and you’re ready to TURN THINGS UP!

This challenge is NOT for you if:

🚫 You brand new and haven’t sold your products before

🚫 You’re looking for a silver bullet to fix your business without putting in the work.

🚫 You’re not wanting to take advice and guidance and don’t believe it will work.

🚫 You’re a serviced based business that doesn’t sell products.

🚫 You are dropshipping only

I want highly profitable Facebook ads


Who is this challenge for?

The challenge is perfect for eCommerce brands who:

  • Want to DIY their own ads
  • Want to train up a team member to manage ads
  • Are sick of paying agencies and want to bring ads back in house
  • Are getting great results already and want to blow them up with ads
Do I need to be running Facebook ads already?

Absolutely not! This challenge is perfect for you if you're wanting to start ads but you want to simplify the process and have a step by step strategy to follow. However if you are already running ads, this is your opportunity to get them working better. 

How is the challenge delivered?

The challenge consists of 5 live calls, one each day. 
There is also Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback on your specific business. Replays are available if you can't join the calls live. 

How much time will I need to invest in the challenge?

I recommend allowing 90 minutes each day to complete the challenge + implement in 1 week. 

Is this just for eCommerce businesses?

Yes! eCommerce is its own beast and all my training is designed specifically to help eCommerce stores grow revenue and profits.

When does the challenge start?

The challenge starts Monday April 8 and ends Friday April 12.  There will be live, daily calls at 10am AEST and replays will be available if you can't join live. 

What currency is it in?

Enrollment will be charged in Australian Dollars. 10% GST is payable for Australian residents.

AUD is approx 0.66USD. 

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