6 resources to help you sell more with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great tool to use to sell more on your online store. But they are just that… a tool. They aren’t a magic wand or a silver bullet. When used wisely they can create amazing results for your online store… but you can also flush a lot of money down the drain with them if you aren’t using a clever strategy. 

In today’s blog, we share 6 resources we’ve created to help you sell more on your online store using Facebook Ads. 

1. Will Facebook Ads work for me? 

In this blog post, we share the non-negotiable ingredients that your business needs in order for Facebook Ads to work for you. We look for these ingredients when choosing whether to take on a client and you can use this to get a gauge as to whether Facebook ads may work for you.


2. Ep. 41 – Will Facebook Ads work for me?

Alternatively, we have a podcast episode detailing the non-negotiable ingredients and elements that your business needs in order for Facebook ads to work for you.


3. Ep. 32 – Our 3 Step Process to Ensure Your Facebook Ads Get People Buying Not Just Clicking

If you have spent money on Facebook ads, you want your customers to go beyond clicking those ads to actually purchasing your products. However, Facebook ads are just a tool—it’s only as good as what you do with it. In this episode, we dive into our 3-step process which has produced amazing results for our clients and students.


4. Ep. 14 – Should You Spend Money on Your Website or Facebook Ads?

In this episode, we answer the question “Should I spend money on updating my website, or use that money to invest in Facebook Ads?” We deep dive into how to know which investment makes sense for you, depending on where you are in your business right now.


5. Facebook Ads: Outsource or learn how to do them yourself?

Ever wonder whether investing in your own knowledge vs outsourcing Facebook Ads is the way to go? In this blog, we share the benchmarks we use to answer the question of when is the right time to outsource your Facebook ads management


6. Ep. 10 – 5 Pillars of Successful Facebook Ads

In this podcast episode, we look at why some Facebook Ad accounts do well and why some don’t. We also discuss all the moving parts that need to work together to ensure Facebook Ads success, and dive into the 5 key pillars that we use to generate up to 30 times return on ad spend for our own clients.


So there you have it – our 6 resources to help you sell more with Facebook Ads. Let us know what you think!


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