Ep. 39 – Building a Purpose-Driven Online Store With Kim From Burbridge + Burke


In today’s episode we talk to Kim from Burbridge and Burke about how she opened her bricks-and-mortar store in Nelson Bay, while building her online store at the same time—and how she did that with, as she says, no technical skills at all! 

Kim also shares her tips around connecting with your audience, building a community, putting yourself in front of the camera, and how storytelling has been such an important element to their online success. 

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Episode Highlights

  1. About Burbridge + Burke [01:28]
    1. The intention of the store [03:22]
    2. How they managed when COVID hit [04:55]
  2. The purchasing behavior of people throughout the pandemic [06:16]
  3. What Kim loved about the Ignitor program [11:12]
  4. On building an online store and creating a strong social media presence [13:00]
    1. How to make a magnetic website [17:05]
  5. Your ideal customer avatar is often you [22:25]
  6. Sometimes it’s better to ignore the competition [24:25]
  7. The importance of having your own imagery [27:30]
  8. About Larry the Laser [28:35]

About Kim

Kim is a designer who, along with her wife Claire, runs a gorgeous local store in Nelson Bay called Burbridge + Burke. Kim, who is the self-confessed non-techy half of the pair, has done an amazing job at building their online store to the success it is today. Burbridge + Burke offers thoughtful, unique, and lovingly crafted quality furniture, indoor, and outdoor pieces for the home, jewelry, and wearable art, made to love and to transcend trends… and all Australian brands.


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