Sell  More On Your Online Store

Let us help you grow your online store with courage, confidence and clarity.

If you’re reading this… 

You are probably not getting the results you you’d like from your online store, you’re feeling frustrated and wondering if you’re ever going to crack the code. 

You’ve got an amazing product and you know that if only people would order your products they would love them, tell their friends and come back for more! 

We totally get it. 

Most online store owners are leaving money on the table. 

It is our mission to empower you to succeed because we truly believe success + changing the world go hand in hand.

We have worked with hundreds of eCommerce businesses and we know what it takes to have a successful online store.

One that you love, one that serves you, one that SLAYS!


You’re frustrated because you know with all your heart and soul that your product is amazing and when people do buy, they love? But… you feel like your store is the best kept secret on the internet.

You’re feeling confused and overwhelmed by Facebook ads and how to make them work for your store?

You’re feeling disheartened by the number of people who are coming to your site, only to leave without buying.

You know you are leaving money on the table… you just don’t know what to do about it?

You’re wondering why you bother with social media and PR when you are getting engagement and awareness without sales?




Your site attracts a steady flow of customers who spend money, tell their friends about you and buy from you again and again

You have a Facebook ads strategy in place that generates a controllable and predictable flow of visitors and purchasers to your site

You know what the big brands are doing to grow, scale and succeed?
(hint: it’s not expensive or complicated once you have the formula)​

You generate traffic
and sales from magnetic organic marketing and social media

Sound too good to be true? 

We’re here to tell you it’s possible. We’re here to help you achieve the success you know deep down you deserve.


When I started my own marketing agency, sure I worked long hours, put in all nighters and had regular shower cries — but I had staff, a rooftop office and a rolodex of clients all paying retainers.

Things were looking good. I had achieved everything I had worked so hard towards.

But I wasn’t happy. 

Amidst having a baby (and 4 devastating miscarriages) I decided to focus on my family and close up the agency. AKA dramatically fire all my staff and clients overnight. Yup, I did that.

I kept a few consulting clients and was a stay at home yummy mummy. I was living a life, that on the outside, looked perfect.

But on the inside I felt like the biggest failure. 

A few weeks after I had closed my agency — I realised that my unhappiness wasn’t due to the pressures of being a working mum. It was much closer to home.

And my marriage crumbled. 

Hello unemployed (unemployable) single motherhood.

I went back to consulting and would work in between taking my son to school and crying on my wardrobe floor. I had never felt so alone. I said yes to a lot of clients that I should of said no to. I partnered with people I shouldn’t have.

My life felt like one big f*&king mess.

And the universe provided. 

I was asked to organise and speak at an international Facebook ads conference (this is where I met Karyn actually!)

I was in a room of agency owners who I looked up to – and they were looking up to — ME?

It wasn’t until I started mentoring other agency owners that I realised I had a natural talent for eComm. What others struggled with, seemed like common sense to me.

I started working with my own eCommerce clients and got killer results. My dream career – consulting to global brands, travelling the world (business-class) and speaking internationally. 

But — I reached a point where I couldn’t ignore that feeling that made me question if there was more that I could give.

The problem was that emerging and small business owners can’t afford to hire me to work 1:1 with them to grow and scale their business.

Entrepreneurs with heart and soul are going to change the world. 

I wanted to empower you to get the same results. I wanted to help you play on a level playing field with the big guys.

Whether I’m working with a client generating thousands of dollars in sales every day, or a client who is just starting our, I can tell you they all struggle with the same things — and the successful ones all learn to master the same things. 

So I teamed up with fellow eComm Queen, Karyn, and together we developed a framework to show you exactly what it takes to have an online store – and we hold your hand through the entire journey.

eComm Ignitor was born from a desire to help you rise up, step up and SLAY! 


eComm Ignitor is a 10 week hands-on mentorship program where we help you generate more sales with consistency, clarity and confidence.

We walk you through the exact methodologies we’ve used to grow our clients online stores (and our own).

You will be empowered with systems, structures and a real strategy that works so you can step up and slay – and we will hold your hand throughout the entire journey.

It’s time to shine and stop being the internet’s best kept secret. You’ll know what to focus on, and what to stop wasting time on.

You have 24/7 access to the online learning portal where you will be able to watch your video lessons + download your guides, templates & swipe files. 

You have lifetime access to this online learning portal – and all the call recordings – so you can come back to it as often as you like.

You have unlimited support from us via our private chat group. We also have weekly live mentorship calls and 1:1 support.

You’ll take the program with an intimate group of other eComm Entrepreneurs. Some beautiful collaborations have been born here.

What You Will Learn…


Numbers show us the truth. By looking at the numbers you can’t let your personal opinion, emotions or bias get in the way of the data. Everything in eCommerce and digital marketing is literally just numbers. You can track and measure everything – but that doesn’t mean you should. I am going to give you my tracking templates and tools so you have complete transparency and clarity around what’s working and what’s not.


Perhaps the biggest mistake I see people make in their business is they drive traffic to a site that isn’t ready for it. It’s like turning on a tap without having any buckets in place to capture the water, or at best, having very leaky buckets. Every business needs traffic… but traffic is not the goal. Conversions are. Obviously traffic is important because more traffic equals more conversions… BUT only if it’s the right traffic and you have a good conversion rate. So before we dive into how to drive traffic, we make sure your site is ready for that traffic.


You can’t be everything to everyone. You want to know your audience so intimately that when they discover your social media, read your emails or visit your website they feel as though you are talking directly to them. You want them to think “OMG they read my mind”. We dive deep – deeper than you probably have before – into your target audience. You’ll be supported in refining and identifying who your ideal client is at the core and teach you how to speak to them in a way that creates deep connect, trust, and credibility


Your brand needs to be unique, recognisable and magnetic so you stand out from the crowd and draw your customers in. Defining the role your brands plays in your consumers life is the key to successful marketing content and positioning. Here, we hone in on how to say what you need to say in order to get people so in love with your brand that they buy just to get a happy hit.


Now we support you to create engaging content that aligns with your brand, your messaging and your audience. Your content needs to be unique, magnetic and instantly recognisable.

You need to make sure your content gets to the right places, at the right time, to the right eyeballs.


We make sure you have a rockin’ email strategy. Email still drives a high return on investment and because you need to have a strategy to drive sales elegantly, we are going to start emailing more, ok?! Remember that you own your email list. If something were to happen to Facebook or Instagram tomorrow, or whatever social platform you are using, what would happen to your business?


Once we have all the ingredients in your marketing strategy, we use paid platforms to drive a positive return on investment. We walk you through our exact Facebook & Instagram ad strategy — the same one that generates up to 22x return on investment for our clients. We review your ads and make sure they are setup correctly and help you optimise them. 


You know when you check out a product, then it follows you around the internet. That’s Google display retargeting and we show you how to set it up for your online store. As we know, only 1-4% of visitors convert into paying customers, so we show you how to stop leaving money on the table. 

“I wanted to share a big WIN that i feel is a direct result of this program. I ran a targeted campaign for my business for 3 days and invested $69. The return on that 3 day ad is now sitting at $5100.”

Rylee Venables

Owner, Ju Ju Tea

“What I need is a time machine. What others need is to find you at the start of their e-comm journey. I’ve been adding up how much I’ve wasted on other people/services who didn’t have the expertise I needed.”


Owner, Zurii


Megan Winter

Hey, I’m Megan.

I strongly believe the world doesn’t need more mass-produced crap. I am committed to using my eCommerce super-powers for good and love helping ethically-produced, heart-centred, soul-driven online stores to achieve more income and make more impact.

I’ve worked with global brands such as Lexus and Heineken, I’ve spoken internationally, mentored other agency owners and been given an ADMA award for data-driven digital marketing and advertising.

Karyn Parkinson

Hi I’m Karyn, Karyn with a Y! When I’m not behind a computer you’ll find me at the beach with my husband and 2 Labradoodles or hitting the Rollery Derby track as Pink Fury.

I help businesses, big and small, to grow traffic to their site and increase their bottom line.

My passion, however, lies in teaching small business owners to do it for themselves. I made so many mistakes with my first business and wasted soooo much money! I love being able to share my knowledge and stop others making the mistakes I did.

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