Ep. 28 – How to Get Your Website Traffic Ready to Increase Your Conversion Rate


There are 3 ways to make more money on your online store: get more people to your website, get those people to spend more per sale, and get more visitors to make a purchase.

We want to focus on that last bit, so today, we’re going to teach you how to increase your website’s conversion rate, bringing back points we’ve shared in earlier episodes. We also share tips on building trust through your website. And finally, is your website traffic-ready? We have the ultimate test to find out!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Why conversion rates matter to online stores [01:54]
  2. On driving traffic to a website that’s not ready for it [03:14]
  3. The 5 tech-checks [04:40]
    1. Make sure your website loads within 3 seconds [04:55]
    2. Your website should also be mobile-friendly [05:10]
    3. Install Facebook Pixel if you use Facebook ads [06:01]
    4. Collect data through Google Analytics [06:13]
    5. Be ready to follow-up on window shoppers [06:40]
  4. The 5 onsite must-haves [07:50]
    1. Have a clean and simple layout [08:07]
    2. An easy-to-navigate menu is key [08:30]
    3. Use high-quality images of your products [09:13]
    4. Evocative product descriptions are also important [09:42]
    5. Build trust on your website [10:46]
  5. Our 3-second test to check if your website is doing its job [16:40]

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Karyn (“with a Y!”) is an eCommerce marketing specialist with a knack for high-converting Facebook ad funnels and website optimisation. Through her eCommerce marketing agency and on-the-pulse training programs, Karyn’s helped hundreds of eCommerce store owners across the globe boost profits, generate more revenue, and achieve an ad-spend ROI of their dreams.