Ep. 6 – 5 Onsite Changes to Increase the Conversion Rate on Your Online Store

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Are you satisfied with the current conversion rate of your online store?

In today’s episode, we’re going to share what conversion rate is, how to work out what yours is, and what you should be aiming for. We also talk about why it’s important to focus on increasing your conversion rate, even just by one percent.

Let’s deep dive into 5 easy things you can do to instantly increase your conversion rate!

If this is your first time listening to our podcast, welcome! On our podcast we share practical and actionable information around how you can sell more on your online store. We also interview some eCommerce powerhouses and take you behind the scenes of some of the most successful online stores. 

If you’re ready to sell more on your online store, this is the podcast for you.

Episode Highlights

  1. 3 ways to make more money from online stores [01:10]
  2. What is a conversion rate? [01:53]
  3. The impact of on-screen changes on increasing conversion rate [03:51]
  4. Change 1: Have a clean and simple layout [06:43]
  5. Change 2: Make your site easy to navigate [09:22]
  6. Change 3: Use high-quality images [12:56]
  7. Change 4: Don’t skip on evocative product descriptions [18:19]
  8. Change 5: Build trust on your website [21:05]
  9. Additional on-site must-haves that you might want to consider [26:04]

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