Tips for running an online store as a busy mum

We recently asked what you wanted to hear us talk about on our podcast. A few of you said “tips for running a business as a mum”. 

A key reason we do what we do is to help women, mostly mums, gain financial independence and freedom via the success of their online store. But running any business, let alone an online store, with kids is tough. 

Let me preface this blog by saying ​​I definitely haven’t figured out the work/kids balance thing yet and I do catch myself fantasising about getting a totally treatable, preferably painless, 2-3 day illness and having to go to hospital so I can lay down in a bed and someone else brings me food. 

But… that’s not really an option so I have developed some strategies that I’ll share with you today in case they are helpful. And PLEASE if you have any, please comment and share them with me. 

1. Prep, prep, prep 

I spend an hour on Sunday prepping for the week ahead. I wash all our fruit and vegetables. I cut up a tonne of carrot sticks. Hot tip: store pre-cut carrots sticks in a container covered in water and they stay fresh for ages. I chop a bunch of fruit and have it in the freezer for smoothies. 

I cook a batch of veggie-loaded pizza sauce once a month. Hot tip: freeze it in ice cubes, store in a zip lock bag and pop 1 or 2 out each time you need it. Hotter tip: when you couldn’t be stuffed making dinner pop out a couple of cubes and stir through pasta. 

2. 2 minute tidy

Let’s be honest… if you’re house-proud and like a tidy house, living with kids is a nightmare. It’s kind of like brushing your teeth while eating oreos. I have introduced 2-minute-tidy’s to our house. Everyone runs around and picks shit up for 2 minutes. It’s AMAZING how much you (and the kids) will get done. 

3. Keep it ridiculously simple

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I had to work hard on this one. I CAN cook lasagna but that takes like 2 hours so instead we have my famous 5-ingredients-5-minute salmon pasta sauce. My kids eat it and it doesn’t taste like dirt, so winning.  

If you want to make it in your house, simply cook some diced onion in a frypan, chuck in a tub of sour cream or creme fraiche, a bag of spinach, a packet of smoked salmon and a few spoons of capers. Then stir it through cooked pasta. You can switch out the salmon for leftover shredded hot chook or cooked mushrooms or whatever. 

4. Ditch the 9-5 

I have learnt to find the time that works for me. I am writing this blog at 4:30am and the kids are still in bed. Most of the world is still in bed. But it works for me. 

The key here is to NOT push through when it doesn’t work for you. 

I don’t hustle. I get shit done. I work when I’m productive and I don’t push through when it’s simply counterproductive. 

I do actually  still sometimes get the guilts when I’m not working at say 3pm when “everyone else is working” but I just have to remind myself that I am not a 9-5er and it’s not productive for me to try to be. 

5. Absolutely do not try to multitask 

Multitasking is a nope. You simply can’t do it. So don’t. I have found that compartmentalising my day (as above) helps with this. It’s tough, but you will be more productive sitting at a laptop for 1 hour and smashing through your tasks than you would spending all day doing bits and pieces on your phone. 

I have spoken about time management and productivity before and you can read about that here


So, there you go, hopefully you’ve found this a little bit helpful. As I said, please comment with your hot tips and we can keep our heads above water together. Megan x