Talk to less people and make more sales

It may sound counterintuitive… 

talk to less people to make more sales but we assure you, it is one of the most powerful ways to sell more on your online store. 

Narrowing down your target audience is one of the most powerful ways to sell more on your online store. Here’s our most-loved resources on why, and how you can niche down on your ideal customer avatar. 

1. The uncomfortable truth about your ideal customer avatar

In this blog, we share an uncomfortable truth — you’re not clear enough on who your ideal customer is. You’ll also learn why FOMO is a big factor on why you’re not niching down and how you could be diluting your messaging if you don’t.

2. Getting clear on your ideal customer

In this episode, we’re going to help you define your ideal customer avatar. We also talk about how being specific with your target audience can help you create better human-to-human connections in your business. Get over your FOMO and niche down!

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3. 3 reasons why no one is buying your offer

Have you ever experienced offering a sale you thought was perfect but no one is buying like you expected? You may want to look into your audience. In this blog, we share how telling the wrong audience could be the reason why your offer is failing.


Now that you’ve learned the why’s, here are some blogs to give you ideas on how to apply this practically:

4. Stop leaving money on the table with Facebook Ads

There’s been a lot of chat about Facebook Ads not working anymore. But in this blog, you’ll learn that getting to know your audience will help you have successful campaigns. By getting clear on who your audience is, you won’t waste your money from targeting people who would never purchase your products.

5. How to write emails that actually make sales

In this blog, we share how knowing what your audience is interested in makes it easier to sell more online. Even sharing news + tips via email can convert into a purchase if you know the right thing to say to the right audience.


So there you have it — a compilation of our topics on why it’s important to narrow your target audience. Let us know what you think!

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