Ep. 37 – How Packaging Can Make or Break Your Customers’ Experience

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August 2021 was the biggest month for Australia Post ever so it’s the perfect time to maintain your standard of quality, especially your packaging. Even if your business can deliver on its promise, a customer’s experience with your brand could end badly with something as simple as poor packaging.

In this week’s episode, we’re talking about why packaging is important—how it evokes different feelings for your customers and how you can use the experience to create lasting and positive emotions that will help increase your customer rates and referrals. 

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Karyn’s experience receiving packages [00:58]
    1. Encourage customers to share their unboxing videos on social media [02:00]
    2. How Karyn’s skirt was packaged [02:50]
    3. See what the experience is like on the customer’s end [05:55]
  2. Megan’s experience of sending gifts [08:30]
    1. Brands that evoke emotions become memorable [10:55]
    2. Offer direct-to-gifts and express shipping [11:40]
    3. If you already have good packaging, put that on your website with your product photos [12:30]
  3. Examples of businesses that continue their brand in their packaging [14:15]
  4. How good packaging can lessen buyer’s remorse [19:18]
  5. Utilize good packaging and incentivize your customers to get more user-generated content [20:15]
  6. Get an “accountability buddy” to give you feedback [24:38]
  7. Reiterate your brand story even in your packaging [25:32]

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