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Hey there, I’m Karyn

Your eCommerce marketing mentor

I’m so good with Facebook™ ads I once got trolled in a marketing group for posting fake results as they just couldn’t believe the return I was getting!

I keep my finger on the pulse of what’s working right now for Facebook ads and eCommerce with my clients in my award winning agency.

I then share all my knowledge and insights with my students so they can have amazing eCommerce results without having to pay agency fees.

The Unstoppable eCommerce Podcast

Latest Episodes

Ep. 110 – The journey of the Holistic Ingredient with Amy Crawford

In this episode Amy shares the journey from starting an Instagram account and blog in the early days, sharing food photos before it was cool, being an early influencer for other brands and how she then transitioned into product manufacturing and curating a store of other people’s products that aligned with her lifestyle.

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If your eCommerce website isn’t converting at 2% (minimum!), then you don’t need more traffic.

You need to convert the visitors you already have. 

Download my free Website Conversion Maximiser  – the ultimate blueprint to boost conversions, generate more sales and create a thriving eCommerce store. 

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My business had it’s biggest month in 15 years!

“This woman knows her stuff! One hour with Karyn and my business had it’s biggest month in 15 years! Without having a sale!” ~ Nicola, Smitten Merino

impressive year-on-year growth

“Unstoppable eCommerce’s holistic approach to digital marketing is a winning formula. Since I began working with Karyn and the team at Unstoppable eCommerce, my business has grown from a micro-scale home operation to a six-figure company with impressive year-on-year growth. Our revenue continues to climb steadily each and every month, and our Facebook Ads are performing exceptionally well with ROAS in the vicinity of 6.06x. In addition to the fantastic results, it’s evident that Karyn and her team are not your typical agency and they genuinely care about and are invested in the success of our small business.”

Lauren Dunne


You’ll be in very safe hands

“We have been working with Karyn for three months and are very happy with how our sales have gone so far. Karyn helped us to achieve our biggest month online ever in December. Karyn is organised, incredibly knowledgable, always helpful and just a pleasure to work with. If you are ready to scale your online store I couldn’t recommend Karyn enough. You’ll be in very safe hands.”

Fiona Savaris
I feel unstoppable

“Before doing the Ignitor program I felt lost, frustrated, overwhelmed and out of my depth. After doing the course I feel Unstoppable! I feel confident, knowledgeable, successful and totally equipped to smash our goals!

The investment is worth every cent! If you are someone who wants to know how to take control of your online business, Karyn will absolutely guide you through how, why and what and all that is left is for you to follow through. I almost don’t want to share just how good this course is because I feel like I have a secret advantage over other e-commerce stores, but there is room for everyone to succeed!”

Kim Burbridge


a very holistic approach to marketing

“Karyn has been such a great help with building my business, both in a group setting (working with her in her Ignitor program), to one-on-one (having her manage my FB ads). She takes a very holistic approach to marketing, and is able to give really useful and actionable advice that is not overwhelming. She looks at the whole picture – website, ads, email, etc. – and can show me how we can utilise them in the most effective ways. I highly recommend getting Karyn’s eyes and brain on your business!”

Elise Ross

Spruce Craft Co

Highly recommended!

“Karyn is a gem to find in the eCommerce training field.
Her training is down to earth and easy to follow.
I love her ‘step-by-step’ instructions and she also makes any complicated stuff seem simple.
Highly recommended!”

Ree Beilby

Free eCommerce Training

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3 Facebook ad campaigns Your eCommerce brand should be using

3 Facebook ad campaigns Your eCommerce brand should be using

Where most people fail with Facebook ads is they create just one campaign and show the same ads to their whole audience. The fantastic thing about Facebook ads is that you can segment your audiences and your ads to show the right message to the right person at the...

How to set eCommerce business goals in 2023

How to set eCommerce business goals in 2023

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023 🙂  I hope you enjoyed some kind of break over the holiday period and were able to switch off from your business for a while, it’s so important. If you didn’t, take the time now to schedule in some down time in the next month to...

Prepare your eCommerce business for Q4

Prepare your eCommerce business for Q4

In the peak of covid we saw 10 years growth in the eCommerce industry happen in just 10 months! I remember when things first started everyone panicked and thought businesses were doomed, however in our industry the opposite happened, and online stores thrived....

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