Ep. 110 – The journey of the Holistic Ingredient with Amy Crawford


12 years ago, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome knocked Amy Crawford off her feet. It was a major curveball that changed everything in her life. She had to leave her corporate career and start over at 40.

But as she healed, she discovered a healthy, holistic, and joy-seeking lifestyle that there was no turning back from.

Amy started to learn about whole foods, mindfulness, and how to conquer her self-doubt and limiting beliefs. She qualified as a health coach, hypnotherapist, EFT and CTC therapist, and supported women and children for over a decade in her therapy practice.

Fast forward 10 years, Amy started an eCommerce business, The Holistic Ingredient selling her own marine collagen, greens and maca blends and a curated range of holistic lifestyle products.

In this episode Amy shares the journey from starting an Instagram account and blog in the early days, sharing food photos before it was cool, being an early influencer for other brands and how she then transitioned into product manufacturing and curating a store of other people’s products that aligned with her lifestyle.

Amy enrolled in the eComm Ignitor program in June 2022 and has since increased her website conversion rate from 0.5% to over 2%, increased her average order value by over 25% and grown her revenue by 500%. Amy shares what is working right now in her business and what she does to drive growth in her sales.


Episode Highlights

  1. Amy talks about how the Holistic Ingredient started. (2:39)
  2. How long did it take for Amy to introduce the Holistic Ingredient? (5:31)
  3. How does Amy Decide what goes in the store and what doesn’t? (13:24)
  4. Amy’s take on why people buy her product? (14:10)
  5. The Most Important Marketing Strategies in Achieving Growth. (15:20)
  6. Amy Gives Advice on how to grow your business. (28:25)
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