Facebook Ads: Outsource or learn how to do them yourself?

When does it make sense to outsource your Facebook ads management?

A good facebook ads manager will cost upwards of $2k a month. If someone quotes you cheaper than this they are either a churn-factory or are still learning and you’re paying for them to gain experience.

Depending on your business, $2k a month for someone to manage your ads could be the best investment you ever make or it could bleed you dry in a matter of months.

Let’s have a look at the benchmarks we use to determine whether investing in your own knowledge vs outsourcing Facebook Ads is the way to go.

1. Turnover

The first metric I look at is turnover. This isn’t the be-all-end-all however it is a good start. If you are making less than $10k a month on your online store, management fees and Facebook ad costs will be a big chunk of your revenue. Sure you need to spend money to make money, however, I’d prefer to see you spend that money on ads rather than an ads manager in the beginning.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, you don’t want to spend more than you have on a service that isn’t guaranteed. Facebook ads are simply a media placement tool and are certainly not a silver bullet or magic wand. Secondly, when you do outsource your ads, if you’ve learnt the basics yourself, you will be able to sniff out a dodgy operator pretty quickly.

2. Gross profit margin & average order value

If your gross profit margin is too low, like a lot of startups are, you won’t have any money to reinvest back into ads. I recommend a minimum of 50% gross profit margin, with the aim to increase that as you scale. The first thing I do in my Ignitor program is to get people to work out their numbers. This is often a sobering experience and most of my students put their prices up after realising they simply have a hobby… rather than a money-making business.

3. Conversion rate

If your conversion rate is too low then it won’t matter how good your Facebook ads are. I recommend reading my blog all about working out whether you need to invest in your website or your ads but as a general rule if your website isn’t converting, running ads will just drive more people who don’t buy to your site.


4. Time vs money

You can pick to spend time or money as your investment for growing your store using Facebook ads. This is a super general statement but you need to have enough data to make decisions about your ads and the way you get data is by running ads, and it costs money to run ads. You can spend more money and get the data you need quicker, or you can spend less and the data will come in over a longer period of time.

5. Your risk tolerance

Do you have enough capital to invest in a few months worth of Facebook ads management PLUS the cost of the Facebook ads themselves without a return? When I work with clients I always aim for a positive return on investment. That’s my success metric. But as I’ve mentioned before, Facebook ads aren’t a magic wand or a silver bullet. As with everything in business, every investment is a calculated risk.

To answer the question of when is the right time to outsource your Facebook ads management, I recommend looking thoroughly at these elements when making this business decision.

If you’re ready to learn how to manage Facebook ads for your online store then check out eComm Ignitor.

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