Ep. 51 – Simple Ways to Be More Inclusive in Your Marketing With Tegan Purdon From Marketing Unlocked


Genuinely diverse and inclusive content – the kind that resonates deliberately with your audience – requires far more than just generic posts and hashtags. It’s thinking more deeply, from your audience standpoint to your team structure, from your brand’s style guide to user experience.

In today’s episode, we’ll be chatting with Tegan Purdon on being more inclusive in our marketing. Tegan loves working with passionate people who strive to work hard on their businesses and guide them towards more strategic marketing. This episode is a super juicy one, and you’ll learn so much from this. Now go ahead and take some insights from this talk and implement this in your marketing.


Episode Highlights

  1. Sometimes the best lesson you learn is when you do fail [3:45] 
  2. What do you mean by inclusive marketing? [4:22]
  3. Being inclusive before you’re exclusive. [5:08]
  4. Focusing on your customer’s ideas, wants, needs, and behaviors and not their demographics. [6:30]
  5. eCommerce has the power to remove any mainstream references [7:02]
  6. It’s crucial to think about how you treat people at large [11:13]
  7. On using gendered languages in eCommerce [17:57]
  8. The importance of promoting diversity while still maintaining your brand and how it is possible [21:59]
  9. Figuring out how can you engage to the community throughout the year while still being inclusive [33:44]


About Tegan Purdon

Tegan is a marketing manager, strategic thinker, and founder of Marketing Unlocked. With over ten years of experience, she has proven exceptional project leadership abilities and personnel management skills. On regular days, Tegan likes to have a good cuppa, binge-watch TV shows and chat with people.

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