Ep. 50 – How to refine your brand with Emma Lovell from Lovelly Communications


Emma Lovell is a Personal Branding Coach with a mission to support female leaders to live and love their brand. Through her business, Lovelly Communications, Emma empowers women to show up and impact their brand.

As a business owner of 12 years, Emma has experienced the importance of building a brand and sharing that with the world. Bringing together her skills in communications, marketing, PR, writing, and social media, Emma gives women the tools and support to build their unique brand. Lovelly Communications helps women to grow their business, become an authority and own their voice to make a more significant impact in the world. 

Today we will be chatting with her, and we will talk all about branding for your business and your brand. And why is it essential to have a personal brand in your eCommerce store? So come on in, and let’s jump right into it.



  1. What exactly is branding? [0:58]
  2. A brand is trust, it is reputation, it is experienced and personality. [2:36]
  3. The importance of humanizing your brand [3:24]
  4. Branding is all about building connections with people around you. [10:15]
  5. Emma’s advice on people who are thinking of starting to build their brand? [10:42]
  6. Your personal brand is how others perceive you. [13:55]
  7. 55% of your first impression comes from the visual. [17:20]
  8. It is essential to connect to who you are because that’s what makes your brand unique [25:25]




Emma Lovell runs Lovelly Communications. She’s passionate, professional, and lovely. Emma is a personal branding coach who helps female entrepreneurs to live and love their brands—supporting women to show up as their authentic selves and share their unique private brands with the world.

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