Ep. 35 – The Ups and Downs of Running an Online Store With Ashley Longstaff From I Choose Me


Running an online store isn’t always sunshine and rainbows but…we believe that everything does happen for a reason.

In today’s episode, we talk with I Choose Me founder Ashley Longstaff about her journey to building an online store with a small family in tow. She walks us through her corporate career, the challenges of being a working mum, and the mistakes that nearly crippled her business.

Ashley shares what it means to be a wandering entrepreneur. She also goes into the steps she took to learn from her mistakes, highlighting the importance of making sure you are aligned with your vision and taking breaks when needed. 

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Episode Highlights

  1. About I Choose Me [01:23]
  2. Define your target audience and have clear messaging [01:59]
  3. About Ashley’s family, the challenge of being a makeup artist, and what inspired her to start her business [05:22]
  4. Find the balance between being a parent and a business owner [11:40]
  5. Her advice on learning from mistakes [16:16]
  6. On fast fashion, staying in your lane, and taking time to reflect [18:12]
  7. Find suppliers whose practices align with your values and make sure that your products are not redundant [23:32]
  8. Ashley’s future plans for I Choose Me [28:21]
  9. Have processes in place and get other people to help you [32:10]


About Ashley

Ashley Longstaff is a super-organised Virgo, a dedicated mum, and the face behind the online fashion brand, I Choose Me. Ashley is a wandering entrepreneur and has followed her passion to now help busy mums feel beautiful every day in the clothes they wear.



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