Ep. 29 – From Floundering to Happy Dancing With Christine Law From the Outdoor Table


People buy from people. Yes your online store comes through a computer screen but the more human you can make your brand, the more relatable it becomes. And now more than ever we are craving connection. 

In today’s episode, we chat with Christine Law, the founder of The Outdoor Table. She launched her store in 2015 and ran the website herself. Now, her business has generated enough recognition that it is starting to attract corporate interest.

Christine walks us through the steps she took to grow her business to where it is now and talks about the opportunities that have come her way… and how she made sure she was ready to seize them when they did. 

We also share a bunch of tips so tune in if you’re running an online store as a side hustle or if your business has yet to find traction. 

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Episode Highlights:

  1. About The Outdoor Table and how it all started [01:15]
    1. What Christine’s schedule was like during the startup phase [02:41]
    2. Where her business is at now [04:15]
  2. How much work she put into her website and messaging [05:06]
  3. On small businesses versus bigger brands [10:05]
  4. On working with interior designers and a large company [12:28]
  5. Try putting yourself behind your brand to make it more personable [17:07]
  6. How the Ignitor course helped Christine improve her website [18:23]
  7. Christine’s advice: make a plan, stick to it, and don’t give up [22:16]
  8. On getting help from the right people and profit planning [23:40]


About our Guest:

Christine Law is the founder and owner of The Outdoor Table, an online retail store that specializes in beautiful and unbreakable—but still affordable—items that enhance people’s outdoor dining and entertaining experiences. She lives in Canberra and started her business out of her own love for dining alfresco. She is a mother of two and a grandmother.


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