Ep. 19 – iOS14 May Update: What to Expect and What Actions to Take


Apple’s newest iOS 14 update has been rolling out the past couple of weeks and it’s natural for a lot of online business owners (who employ digital marketing) to feel uncertain of what’s to come. We’re here to help clear things up for you!

For today’s episode, we’re deep-diving into the iOS 14 update: what it is, what it means for you, what changes are happening and of course, what you can do in your business to help you sell more on your online store!

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Episode Highlights

  1. The iOS 14 rollout in Australia [01:38]
    1. The update applies to ALL applications [03:18]
    2. The biggest fear people have with this update [04:27]
  2. ‘Change’ is the only constant with digital marketing [06:27]
  3. What can we expect on Facebook with the iOS 14 update? [07:00]
  4. Just because you can measure everything, doesn’t mean you should [11:33]
    1. If people opt-out of tracking on Facebook, can we still measure clicks? [12:55]
  5. The changes in Facebook’s Attribution Settings across the board [13:49]
  6. Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM) on Facebook [15:55]
  7. iOS 14’s effect on targeting and retargeting ads [18:44]
  8. Will we opt out of ads? [26:05]
  9. So what can we do about the effects of iOS 14 on digital marketing? [28:09]
    1. Focus on emails (Klaviyo) [28:25]
    2. Capture attention through video ads [33:20]
  10. Our advice: be patient, don’t panic [36:51]
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