Student Spotlight Tinas Love of Crochet Unstoppable eCommerce

Tina Barbosa

Tina’s Love of Crochet sells all your needed crochet supplies and teaches you exactly how to crochet

Tina found her business confidence and noticed an increase in sales

Crocheting was more than yarn for Tina – it was a bit of an obsession! She started out doing it all for fun but little did she know that she would catch CROJO (aka Crochet mojo) and turn it into a business!

Tina picked up her first hook shortly after having her first bub to help create a calming and relaxed environment to help her through Postnatal Depression. After only one year of practice, she wanted to share her new found joy with others in the hopes of helping other women out there that might be struggling with mental health. 

So, she started running small, local crochet classes aimed at creating a fun and relaxed environment. This quickly grew into daily classes around Melbourne, VIC, but, more importantly, they developed into an amazing community and friendships. 


Student Spotlight Tinas Love of Crochet Unstoppable eCommerce
Student Spotlight Tinas Love of Crochet Unstoppable eCommerce

But still, Tina was a little “lost and frustrated” on how to grow her online store so she could spend a little more time running classes and actually crocheting! So she turned to Unstoppable eCommerce to help her out. 

After completing the eComm Ignitor course in 2021, she felt “confident and knowledgeable” and saw a noticeable “increase of sales because of customer awareness.”

Now, she helps people near and far to grow their love of crocheting with her locally run classes, online yarn and crochet supplies and never-ending inspirations.

So, if you are considering taking your online store to the next level, don’t take our word for it, take Tina’s:

“Definitely worth it! So much valuable content.”

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If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with mental health, please reach out to Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 or visit

“Definitely worth it! So much valuable content.”

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