Ep. 97 –  How to Be Inclusive, Accessible and Equitable in Business With Lousie O’Reilly 


The oppressive status quo is something Louise refuses to swallow. This mumma-bear won’t stop until she’s changed the world for her babies. With her unique self-expression, heart-centred rebelliousness, and clarity of her vision of the inclusive world we could be enjoying. It’s no wonder Louise is an inclusion & diversity coach, mentor and membership space-holder for heart-centered & socially-conscious entrepreneurs.  Louise is a Warrwa-Noongar Aboriginal woman who focuses on cultural inclusion, diversity, and equity work for entrepreneurs. 

Louise works with business owners to help you align with your values of inclusion, accessibility, equity, and diversity.

She helps you to create an open, welcoming, inclusive and safe for marginalised people.

In today’s episode we discuss how you can acknowledge your privilege, address your biases, and be a socially responsible brand. 

We discuss the difference between equity and equality and how you can be a more equitable business. 

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Episode Highlights

  1. The definition of Equitable Business [02:47]
  2. Two parts of racism [04:32]
  3. Ways to make eCommerce inclusive [07:20]
  4. Actionable steps for inclusivity [08:56]
  5. Cultural Appropriation  [22:30]
  6. Collaborating with Artists [26:59]
  7. The Beauty of being a role model [30:10]

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