Ep. 89 – My personal journey with Bell’s Palsy


Please excuse this short interruption to our regular schedule! This week is Facial Paralysis Awareness Week (yep, there’s a week for everything!) so I thought I would share my personal journey with Bell’s Palsy and how it affected me both personally and with my business.

I developed Bell’s Palsy in 2021 shortly after the birth of my baby girl. Having already had Bell’s Palsy when I was just 10 I knew exactly what it was when it hit, but thought it would go away just as quickly… it didn’t! 

I’m one of 5% of people who suffer from Bell’s Palsy that it doesn’t go away for – lucky me! 

It has affected me physically, but mostly mentally. In today’s episode I’m pulling back the curtains on what life was really like with a newborn and a half paralysed face and how I’ve grown my confidence back over the last 2 years.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back with more eCommerce marketing tips next week!

Episode Highlights

  1. How it started [01:13]
  2. Validating thoughts and Feelings [08:40]
  3. Side Effects of Bell’s Palsy [10:55]
  4. Treatment [12:30]
  5. Coming terms with Bell’s Palsy  [21:24]
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