Ep. 86 – How to Review and Optimise Your Facebook Ads


When running your Facebook ads it can be hard to know what’s working and what’s not. In today’s episode I’m breaking down how to read your Facebook ad results so you know which ads to leave on and which ads to turn off.

I’m also discussing where else I look for reporting other than Facebook to ensure you’re making a positive return on ad spend.

I’ll take you through the common reporting lingo and what it actually means along with the benchmarks you should be hitting to ensure a great return.

Facebook ad reporting has not been the same since Apple’s iOS 14.5+ updates but I’m letting you in on how I estimate return on ad spend for my clients so they can make educated decisions.

Episode Highlights

  1. Tracking marketing ads back then [01:53]
  2. FB ads reports missing [03:17]
  3. what to be aware of [10:14]
  4. Things to do when ads aren’t performing well [17:23]
  5. How should you actually spend for FB ads  [19:09]


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Karyn (“with a Y!”) is an eCommerce marketing specialist with a knack for high-converting Facebook ad funnels and website optimisation. Through her eCommerce marketing agency and on-the-pulse training programs, Karyn’s helped hundreds of eCommerce store owners across the globe boost profits, generate more revenue, and achieve an ad-spend ROI of their dreams.