Ep. 75 – Creating a fashion label and a movement with Faye Tan of Mama Movement


Faye Tan is the mama behind Mama Movement. 

Faye, like so many women, has previously felt ashamed of her body, and has been guilty of mistreating her body instead of appreciating it for all the amazing things it has done.

She then discovered a female fitness community where STRONG was the goal, not SKINNY. Since then she has been on a journey to learn about health, nutrition and of course, about movement.

With Mama Movement Faye is on a mission to spread a message of BODY POSITIVITY, and to create SUSTAINABLE, COLOURFUL and HIGH PERFORMANCE activewear that brings a little bit of JOY every time you put them on! 

In today’s episode I chat with Faye about the behind the scenes of her business, how she collaborates with artists to licence their designs and how she balances creating a movement with selling a fashion brand.


Episode Highlights

  1. How did the Mama movement start? [1:49 ]
  2. On taking risks and doing things that you love [3:20]
  3. How empowering and celebrating women has always been her passion [3:54]
  4. Their company’s goal is to help connect to customers through body positivity [4:42]
  5. Understanding what the brand is going to stand for is crucial to every business [6:13]
  6. The value of reaching out to people who’d help her grow her community and brand [12:35]
  7. You have to keep the constant growth and revenue and try to balance getting that profit margin [14:55]
  8. How does she decide what to bring out next? [17:11]
  9. Mama movement’s collaboration process and how they partner with talented designers [20:15]
  10. How does she effectively sell her products while still being able to send a valuable message to her customers? [24:25]

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