Ep. 70 –  Q&A: How do you get retailers to stock your niche product


Today’s question comes from Emily Pask of Modest Mermaid

Modest Mermaid offers women Australian designed modest swimwear that flatters the body without clinging.

Emily asks “How do you go about getting boutiques or department stores to stock you when you have a niche product (ie modest swimwear)?”

When you have a niche product it can sometimes seem like your marketing is harder.

But really, when you have a niche audience it is easier to build a connection with them as your messaging can be very targeted and specific.

In this episode I discuss what to do before you start wholesaling, how to collaborate with other brands to grow your reach and the tools you can use to find retailers who align with your values.


Episode Highlights

  1. When you have a niche audience, it’s much easier to build connections with them, as your messaging can be very targeted and specific. [0:57]
  2. Focus on finding connections, sharing your story, and finding others who align with your values. [1:32]
  3. Focus on your direct-to-consumer market before you worry about wholesaling. [2:18]
  4. Think about what kind of products complement yours. [2:58]
  5. Start looking for wholesalers. [4:08]
  6. Always use high-quality images to put your best foot forward. [4:56]
  7. It’s important to nurture your relationship with your wholesalers. [6:21]

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