In today’s episode we are talking all about traffic and how to get more of it to your website. Traffic is one of the three key ways to sell more in your online store. So stick around and let’s jump right in!


Episode Highlights

  1. You know who exactly your ideal customer is. [1:25]
  2. Create a natural social media strategy [2:55]
  3. When posting, think about your ideal customer avatar [4:08].
  4. Build a community around your profile and use language that encourages conversation and engagement [4:31].
  5. Always prioritize your community management and reply to people properly [5:20].
  6. Connect to people through engagement on your profile and provide them a call to action to go to your website [6:17].
  7. Run a competition and team up with other brands [7:10].
  8. Encourage your customers to post user-generated content [8:24].
  9. If you want to get more people to your website, the best way to do it is through paid ads [13:49].