Ep. 57 – How The Nonsense Maker Reinvented Their Business to Go From Panic to Profit


Today I am excited to be chatting with Emily May and Sidonie Moore from The Nonsense Maker. The Nonsense Maker is inspired by artist Emily’s imaginative adventuring alter ego and Melbourne’s many hidden secrets. Since 2016, the pair has stood out to bring a little more nonsense to the world, one illustration at a time. The brand has grown into a playful, fun, and whimsical collection of Australian-made greeting cards, wall art prints, and stationery. 

Today will be talking about how they went from Emily drawing for fun to both Emily and Sid quitting their jobs to work in their business full-time. 


Episode Highlights

  1. When did Emily realise that she could use art to make products to sell? [1:21]
  2. Emily describes her art style and explain how she draws things that come out of her imagination  [3:08]
  3. What is Sidonie’s role in the business? [3:35] 
  4. How did they go about finding wholesalers? [7:21]
  5. The story of how their business got affected because of the pandemic [11:15] 
  6. Learning how to keep track of all of the analytics [14:06]
  7. Explains the three types of content pillars: Discover, Dream, and Do [19:09] 

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About Emily & Sidonie

Emily May lives in a whimsical world fuelled by her imagination. She is best known for her alter ego, “The Nonsense Maker.” You can spot her drinking a cup of Joe in broad daylight. And watch her unlock secret passageways to another portal by nighttime. Art is Emily and Emily is art. 

Sidonie Moore is a passionate corporate misfit. She has a keen eye for entrepreneurship and is always one step ahead in problem-solving. As if the fates worked their magic, one day she stumbled upon Emily, the artist, and from then on, they’ve become inseparable.

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