Ep. 53 – How to Get Started With Collaborations With Jess From Collabosaurus


Today I am joined by Jess Ruhfus, the founder and CEO of Collabosaurus. She is a marketing prowess with agency and in-house experience across small business education, events, fashion & lifestyle.  She is also a fellow podcast host who runs two excellent podcasts called “Stop, Collaborate & Listen” and “This Is How We Do It.” Jess is great at helping small and big boss businesses in their PR/Marketing strategies.

Join us as we will be talking all about how to get started with collaborating brand to brand so that you can create win-win opportunities for both of you. We’re also going to talk about how you set yourself apart from the competition, how to create a great pitch and stand out. In this episode, you will learn how to reach your objectives with your collaboration. Jess also shares some of her favorite collaborations, including a recent one with 7/11 and a beauty brand, so tune in to find out more!


Episode Highlights

  1. What exactly is brand collaboration? [1:25]
  2. Collaborations are all about win-wins and exchange of value [2:20]
  3. On influencer collaborations [2:52]
  4. Brand collaborations are 25% cheaper than digital advertising [3:45]
  5. What are some of the other benefits of collaborations? [3:53]
  6. What are some of her favorite brand collaborations? [6:21]
  7. Talking about disaster collaborations that have gone wrong and how can brands protect themselves? [10:38] 
  8. How to find a brand that fits you? [12:13]
  9. Small businesses can be agile. You can move so quickly compared to the big guys [19:23] 
  10. How can we make sure that these collaborations are win-win for both? [19:43]


About Jess Ruhfus

Jessica Ruhfus is a B2B digital marketing and PR expert who founded the company Collabosaurus. She has a passion for creative brand experience and is always looking for greatness in the modern business. She believes that business collaborations are a must to reach audiences, gain exposure and propel your brand forward. She garnered a couple of notable trophies during her years and they’re now sitting on her office shelf.

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