Ep. 23 – Business Growth in Covid Times with Sarah from Glimmer Gear

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Let’s face it – the Covid-19 pandemic has hit all sorts of businesses and it seems like up and coming brands are finding it harder and harder to push through. As it turns out, businesses can thrive – with the right strategy.

Today, we chat with Sarah Lovison from Glimmer Gear Australia about her journey from deciding whether to go into liquidation and close up shop to tripling her monthly revenue and launching a second business that sold out of stock in just three months!

She also shares how she went from attending 30 expos a year to growing her online store that now, she doesn’t have to attend a single one.

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Episode Highlights

  1. Sarah’s journey and turning point [02:45]
  2. How Covid impacted Sarah’s business [4:29]
  3. How Karyn & Megan’s teachings have helped Sarah’s positivity [06:37] 
  4. Jumping in, creating a personable brand and taking action [08:11]
  5. The transition from deciding to liquidate to where Sarah’s business is now [09:51]
  6. Use past learnings to create a successful business quicker [13:36]
  7. What is a ‘conversion rate’ and why is it a big deal? [15:38]
    1. Changes Sarah made to their site to increase conversion rate [16:19]
    2. Setting up email sequences [19:16]
  8. What a-day-in-a-life looks like for Sarah now [20:36]
  9. Her ideal day (and next steps) [23:51]
  10. Hot-tip for people with overflowing emails [26:13]
    1. A minor downfall of growing businesses (email-wise) [27:02]
  11. Sarah’s advice for those starting their own brand or business [28:02]
  12. Why people should take the Ignitor Course [30:39]

Link Mentioned

  1. Visit Glimmer Gear Australia


Sarah Lovison is the Sole Director at Essayelle Holdings T/as ActiveEquip Glimmer Gear Australia, with a goal of keeping runners and athlete’s safe.

She has also started mentoring people who are starting their own business or are struggling with an established one after finishing the Unstoppable eCommerce Ignitor Course.

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