Ep. 22 – Influencer Marketing with Corbin from Three Warriors

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Social media is a great way to promote your products and services and influencer marketing is just one of the ways a lot of brands these days have successfully positioned themselves in the market.  

In today’s episode, we talk to Founder and CEO of Three Warriors, Corbin Halliday, about how he has used influencers to grow his brand from a little side-hustle to now having seven full-time employees.

He also shares how he approaches influencers, the red flags to look out for, how to measure the number of sales an influencer generates, why he doesn’t like the word “influencer” and why this mindset has been key to his success and how he has gained exposure from some of the world’s most famous celebrities – without paying a cent.

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Episode Highlights

  1. How influencer marketing contributes to Three Warriors [02:17]
  2. Micro and Macro influencers [04:05]
    1. Instagram pods [05:35]
    2. A bigger audience doesn’t guarantee a bigger reach [06:35]
  3. Paid versus free influencer agreements [08:05]
  4. How to find influencers (and celebrities) to approach [10:08]
  5. Be authentic to be successful [14:52]
  6. Expectations when sending your products to influencers [15:34]
  7. Advice for people reaching out to influencers for the first time [17:59]
  8. Influencers are real people – so don’t be afraid to approach them to try your products [20:57]
    1. Sending products to influencers make them feel special [22:15]
  9. It’s sometimes more beneficial to have a few micro-influencers than chase after macro-influencers [23:28]
  10. If your website isn’t converting customers, influencer marketing isn’t for you just yet [24:57]
  11. Don’t rush into monetary contracts, especially if there’s no proof they’re effective at ‘influencing’ [25:43]
  12.  How do you keep the relationship going after the first partnership? [28:38]
  13.  What Corbin was doing when he first met Karyn and Megan [31:14]
  14. Corbin’s thoughts on why you should do the Ignitor Program [33:53]

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About corbin

Born from a love of self-tanning, Three Warriors CEO/Founder Corbin Halliday was discouraged by the limited range of certified toxic-free and organic tan that didn’t compromise on colour. In 2014 Corbin’s health deteriorated, and a clean tanning option quickly became non-negotiable.

The Three Warriors product line was created for those who want to maintain a safe and natural looking tan whilst considering the health of their skin, our biggest organ. When sourcing the purest ingredients for the TW organic range, Corbin didn’t need to look further than his own home, Tasmania.

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