Have you ever been on social media scrolling mindlessly through post after post when all of a sudden, you see something that makes you stop immediately?

In this episode, we’re going to cover 8 types of thumb-stopping videos that your customers will love so you can spend more on your online store.

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Episode Highlights

  1. Use stop-motion or timelapse videos [03:00]
  2. Create face-to-camera videos [04:59]
  3. The thrill of ‘unboxing’ videos [07:01]
  4. Do a customer testimonial mash-up [08:33]
  5. Behind-the-scenes footage humanizes your brand [10:57]
    1. Utilise ‘Instagram Reels’ if you don’t want to upload to Facebook [12:19]
  6. In-context, lifestyle videos of your products [14:44]
  7. Videos that showcase in-use tips [16:39]
  8. The magic of showing the ‘before and after’ [18:58]