Ep. 16 – The Compliance Checklist Every Online Store Needs


Just like a brick and mortar store, there are a few policies that your website must have to make sure you have all the legal stuff sorted.

So today, we’re discussing all of the ‘boring bits’ you need to have to ensure that your online store complies with all the laws and regulations that are out there. We’ll share some tips on how to tick all of these compliance checklist boxes so that you can build trust among your customers and sell more on your online store.

As a disclaimer, everything discussed in this episode is plain general information and should not be taken as legal advice. If you have further questions, please consult a local lawyer or privacy professional.

If this is your first time listening to our podcast, welcome! On our podcast, we share practical and actionable information around how you can sell more on your online store. We also interview some eCommerce powerhouses and take you behind the scenes of some of the most successful online stores. 

If you’re ready to sell more on your online store, this is the podcast for you.

Episode Highlights

  1. Comply with mandatory product standards [01:22] 
  2. Don’t forget your insurance [04:03]
  3. Include your Terms of Service policy [06:37]
  4. Add a Privacy Policy [08:45]
  5. Have a good Refund or Returns Policy [12:11]
  6. Clearly advertise your Shipping Policy [16:34]
  7. Comply with Spam Laws [18:37]
    1. Ways to get your customer’s permission to harvest information [20:11]
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