Ep. 105 – How to protect your online business with Riz Amin, Foundd Legal


When it comes to running your eCommerce business there are so many things to think about and sometimes your legal obligations can get pushed to the bottom of your to do list.

Today I’m joined by Riz Amin of Foundd Legal to help demystify some of the legal obligations of the online business world.  This episode will help you understand exactly what you need to have in place to dot your Is and cross your Ts.

We chat about everything from your terms and conditions, privacy policy, refunds policy, insurance to the Barbie mania and who’s overstepped the line when it comes to infringing their IP.

We discuss how you can protect your products and designs from being copied and what to do if they are.

Communication is so important when it comes to ensuring your customers know where they stand with you. So if you’ve got your refund policy hidden away in fine print and nowhere else on your website, this episode is a must listen for you.

Riz has also kindly provided a special 15% discount on Foundd Legal’s amazing eCommerce templates when you use the code “UNSTOPPABLEECOMM” at checkout.


Episode Highlights

  1. What do we need to be aware of with the Law? (4:39)
  2. The Dont’s In Using Templates (10:34)
  3. What Do We Need To Consider When We Run A Competition? (14:17)
  4. The Do’s And  Don’t’s  In Sharing Images Online (18:05)
  5. What’s a  Patent And When to Patent Your Product (22:21)
  6. What Can People Do To Protect Their Products From Being Copied? (24:34)
  7. What is something That Most People Do Wrong Online? (30:14)


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