Ep. 102 – From hobby to 7-figure business: 24 years of Biddy Tarot


Brigit Esselmont is an intuitive business strategist, entrepreneur, mentor and published author.

As the Founder of Biddy Tarot, she turned her love for Tarot into an abundant, 7-figure business that employs 15 people and serves over 15 million Tarot lovers every year.

Brigit has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, Huffington Post, Body+Soul, Mind Body Green, and Refinery29, appeared on numerous podcasts and has appeared on stage in front of live audiences across the US and Australia.

I’m thrilled to have her joining us today to chat about her 24 year journey with Biddy Tarot and how you can use your intuition in business.

Brigit started Biddy Tarrot way back in 1999 by learning HTML to be able to code her website. She’s seen 24 years of advancements in technology and marketing and shares her journey with growing a 7-figure business.

We chat about her first hire and what her team of 15 looks like now, including the importance of outsourcing what you can to avoid overwhelm and burnout.

We do a live Tarot reading to share just how easy it can be to use Tarot as a reflective tool for your business.


Episode Highlights

  1. What was that first hire? (7:10)
  2. Organic Traffic is still the biggest traffic source (9:25)
  3. The advantage of having your own business (15:49)
  4. Being Intuitive In Business: How To Start That Process (16:49)
  5. Tarot Can Be Used As A Reflective Tool (22:00)
  6. How did Brigit  get herself  and  her brand out there? (26:30)
  7. Is Blogging Dead?  Repurposing content into a blog. (27:50)
  8. How Did Brigit Kept Her Business For so Long? (30:45)
  9. Brigit’s Take on  to anyone who’s thinking of starting an online business. (34:30)


You can find Brigit and Biddy Tarot here:

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