Katrina MacAllan


Bask & Bloom sell handmade soaps and skincare to celebrate women of all ages and help them embrace their natural beauty.

Katrina enrolled in eComm Ignitor and has since tripled her online store revenue

Women over 45 are a big market often flooded with anti-ageing serums and beauty products. Katrina from Bask & Bloom has a different approach. Instead of trying to reduce the signs of ageing, she celebrates them and is helping women embrace their natural beauty.

You may ask how? Through celebrating the skin in her handmade soap and skincare range.

As a qualified naturopath, herbalist and aromatherapist, Katrina saw an opening in the market where older women were ignored and undervalued in the skincare industry.

Kicking off her business making soaps, it turned into a whole business that has ventured to shower caps, gift boxes and salt scrub bars. But she didn’t get there alone.

Katrina started the eComm Ignitor course with us in August 2020. She wanted to expand, grow and really start to convert on her website. That’s where she started to implement her learnings from the course and it really did pay off.

Katrina’s website now remains consistent at a 4% conversion rate and has been known to hit 10% in peak promotion times.

 Unstoppable eCommerce has helped her online store revenue triple (yes that’s x3) since completing her studies and implementing the learnings.

The impact doesn’t stop there.

Having this growth in revenue has enabled her to become clear on who she is and even take her business to the next level. Having recently undergone a rebrand, she now has more power to help change the skincare industry and provide older women with the support they need.

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