Why being traffic ready is so important

The mistake that most online store owners make is they put too much emphasis on getting people to their website BEFORE it’s ready for it. They drive traffic to a site that is not traffic ready.

Having a website that is not ready for traffic is like turning on the taps without having any buckets in place to capture the water… or, at the very least, having leaky buckets.

They spend all this time, energy, money, effort and resources in building the pipeline (aka getting the traffic) but forget to check that the bucket they are wanting to fill isn’t full of holes. 

Getting traffic to your website is costly. It takes time, energy and effort – yours AND your customers’ time, energy and effort. It also takes money to get people to your website… and if your website isn’t ready to take money… you might as well flush that money down the drain. 

That’s why we so heavily recommend that you get traffic ready before you drive traffic to your online store. And it’s why we are so focused on helping our clients and students get traffic ready. We do this in several ways: 

Now, having said all of this… what’s the best way to see if your bucket has holes? 

Once you’ve checked it as much as you can and it doesn’t have any visible holes or cracks, you need to put water in it!

So, once your website is as traffic ready as you can get it… you need to test it out. You need to drive a LITTLE traffic to your site and check if there are any holes in it. 

How do you do this with a website? You check the conversion rate. A good conversion rate benchmark is 3%. 

If there are holes and your site isn’t converting to sales, you need to find where those holes are and plug them. 

You need to get curious and test, test, test. A website is not a tattoo… it’s meant to be changed constantly. 

Then, once you’ve plugged those holes and your conversion rate is healthy again, turn the taps on and get more traffic flowing. 

Overtime, your site might develop more holes and you’ll have to plug them. 

This is a never-ending, interactive process.

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