Jacqueline Kalab


Jacqueline Kalab is by makeup artist to the stars and sells makeup and specialty brushes she’s developed.

Jacqueline increased her revenue by 800% and turned her online store into a thriving business

On the outside, Jacqueline’s work looked like a dream. Brushing shoulders (and faces) of celebrities, jet-setting around for work and attending some pretty flash events. 

But what happened to a make-up artist when the pandemic hit? An abrupt stop and loss of income. 

That’s where Jacqueline found herself in 2020. Almost instantly 18 months of work was cancelled. 

Jacqueline had already been working for almost 7 years to get her eCommerce business, Jacqueline Kalab Beauty, off the ground but just couldn’t get the traction she needed. So, when her work stopped, she had no other option than to put all her energy into her online business. 

Jacqueline did something amazing…well two things. She had taken her years of experience and training to develop a specially designed magic foundation brush (more like a magic wand!) and amazing line of makeup products PLUS she decided to enrol in eComm Ignitor®. 

After starting eComm Ignitor, she was amazed at how it “took me through every step of the way…It wasn’t just Facebook ads, it wasn’t just how to write copy, it wasn’t just one part of it – it was a complete process and a complete program for eCommerce success”. 

After implementing some of the learnings from the course – she watched her website conversion rate go from 1% to 8%! But it doesn’t stop there. 

“With eComm Ignitor I went from not being able to live off my business at all, to having my business being able to support me over the last 2 years.”

“If I could only do one course to help my eComm business, it would absolutely be eComm Ignitor. It’s pretty much taken me from not having a clue with eCommerce to having a very successful business and growing.”

So if you are ready to see your business become your income support – consider our eComm Ignitor® course. You’re A-Z eComm course that will help you get your eCommerce business not only off the ground but booming!

Students also get access to a makeup tutorial by Jacqueline on how to get your makeup ready for filming your video content! 

If you’re looking for makeup with beautiful coverage and a brush that helps it glide on effortlessly I can highly recommend Jacqueline’s products as a happy customer myself!