Planning your content for April 2020

The online store content rollercoaster…

We would plan out a few weeks of content. We would even schedule it so it went without us having to do a thing and we were free to focus on the day to day operations of running an online store. So organised, so boss, so #igothis

Then, before we knew it, those 2 weeks had flown by and we didn’t have anything for the next batch of content.


So we’d scramble to get something up. We would skip a few days here and there. We’d post without strategy until we found the time to do another content planning session.

And the roller coaster would continue pretty much like that all year long.

Does this sound familiar?

We want you to get off this rollercoaster for good. That’s why we’ve created this free 2020 eCommerce calendar with key dates for you to wrap your content around. You can download the entire year now.

Let’s look at what’s happening in April 2020

01 – April Fools Day

The day of practical jokes and hoaxes. This is your chance to have a little fun. 

 05 Daylight Savings Ends

Time to set those clocks back. Think about ways you could get creative around this “fall back” day.

07 World Health Day

In this International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, World Health Day 2020 will shine a light on the vital role played by nurses and midwives in providing health care around the world, and call for a strengthening of the nursing and midwifery workforce. 

10 National Siblings Day

The bond and relationship we have with our brothers and sisters is unlike any other as it is usually a person’s longest relationship over his/her lifetime.

Suggested content: 

  • recreate family photos with your siblings
  • share your teams’ “sibling stories”
  • share your favourite movies about siblings
  • celebrate your “soul sisters” or your “sisters in business”
  • Use the hashtag #NationalSiblingsDay

10 Good Friday

12 Easter Sunday

13 Easter Monday

While traditionally a religious holiday, it has been widely accepted as a retail milestone. 

Suggested content: 

  • create a digital Easter egg hunt 
  • share some cute pics of you and your team in bunny (or bilby!) ears
  • share your Easter traditions
  • create or share some funny Easter memes 

22 Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action.

Suggested content: 

  • share how your business is committed to environmental protection
  • share your products that help protect the environment
  • get the team involved in a local cleanup
  • share your view on climate change
  • use the hashtag #earthday2020

25 Anzac Day

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance for our Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. 

Well there you have it – some of the key dates in April to incorporate into your 2020 content calendar. If I’ve missed a day you think should be there let me know in the comments below.

Want to plan ahead for your 2020 content calendar? Download our full 12 month 2020 eCommerce planner below.

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