Facebook Ads Don’t Work

You may not know this about me but I grew up on a farm. Even though I now live in the city I have my own garden, compost and backyard chickens. A few years ago I was away on a girls trip and my then-husband sent me a pic of a project he had so proudly completed while I was away. It was meant to be a new chicken coop for our girls. It looked… well, let’s just say I definitely wouldn’t be trusting the lives of chicken in this contraption. He used a hammer, nails and timber to build this… “thing”.

A few years later, we wanted to extend our outdoor entertaining area by building a deck. My dad, who is a qualified builder came and built it. It was sturdy, strong and looked great. My dad used a hammer, nails and timber to build the deck. 

Think about this for a moment. These two projects were built using a hammer.

Stop and really let that sink in.  

A hammer was used to build the deck. A hammer was also used to build the piece of crap chicken coupe. 

The tool was the same. The only difference was the user.  

A qualified, experienced builder built the deck. He used a hammer. It was awesome. 

An unqualified, inexperienced amateur built the “chicken coop”. He used a hammer. It was not awesome. 

I talk to hundreds of online store owners every year and I often hear comments like: 

“Facebook ads don’t work for my business”

“Email marketing is a waste of time” 

“Social media doesn’t get any results”

These are comments blaming the tools.

  • Facebook Ads are a media placement tool. 
  • Email marketing is a direct communication tool.
  • Social media is a broadcasting tool.

These are all marketing tools.

When used by unqualified, inexperienced amateurs these marketing tools can definitely be a huge waste of time and money.

But when used by qualified, experienced professionals these tools can yield massive results.

Here is a screenshot from one of our accounts. This campaign spent $1836 on Facebook Ads and generated $30,277 in website sales. That’s a 16.5 ROAS.  

I have seen people waste thousands of dollars on marketing strategies and Facebook Ads and email campaigns set up by people who don’t have the experience or know-how needed to use the tools to their advantage.

But I’ve also seen people generate massive results using these exact same tools. 

A great example of this is one of our students was using Facebook Ads for her business with no results. She then did our program, we taught her how to use the tool and she launched her ads and generated 10x return on investment in the first within the week. Same business, same tool, just a different method. And once she had a proven strategy she was able to use the tool to generate fantastic results for her business. She quadrupled her monthly sales in the first month and that’s just the beginning.

I once had a client who had been working with an agency. She had spent thousands on PR, marketing and Facebook Ads without any results. She had been burned and was very cautious to use these tools again. However, when I looked closer I could see the strategy was totally wrong. She had been instructed to create a lead magnet — in this case a beautiful online magazine — so they could run traffic to a landing page which would put people through a marketing sequence that included a virtual sales letter and email sequence … and eventually — hopefully — entice people to buy. This is great for serviced based businesses however it does not work for eCommerce.

When I showed her how to use these marketing tools using a strategy specifically for eCommerce, she was able to grow and scale her business – and finally – generate results using these tools. Again, same business, same tools, just a different method.

So, if you’ve tried Facebook Ads or email marketing or social media or working with influencers or any other marketing tool and you haven’t got results, I urge you to not blame the tool. Instead, ask yourself, how can I make this tool work for me. You may need to hire a coach to train you how to use them, or you could hire a professional with proven results.

Just don’t blame the tool.

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