Ep. 93 – Hackerlily Hipsurfer: The journey from idea to market


Laura suffered from arthritis from a young age. After a flare up when her children were born she struggled to pick them up or use traditional baby carriers. That’s where her idea for the Hackerlily hip surfer was born.

From there it was an 18 month journey to bring her idea to market. 

Laura shares how she developed the concept and the journey she went on to bring it to market. We talk about the importance of growing a community and email list and how to do it before your product is even ready.

The Hipsurfer even won an award before it was available for sale! 

If you have a product idea this is an episode not to be missed.


Episode Highlights

  1. What is Hackerlilly [01:35]
  2. The Significance of  Community in eCommerce [06:54]
  3. Putting your face behind the brand [11:11]
  4. Using vulnerability as strength[15:28]
  5. Building subscribers [17:45]
  6. How to start your business [22:19]

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