Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023 🙂 

If you listened to the previous episode on how to review your business, I hope you’ve had a chance to reflect on 2022 and really review what worked for your business, and what you’d like to change this year. 

One of the hardest parts of goal setting can actually be working out what it is you want. In this episode we’re breaking things down to figure out exactly how much you need to earn this year in your business and personally to live the life you want.

We’ll then break down exactly what action you need to take to make it happen in 2023. 

This is an interactive episode so be sure to download the workbook and calculator so you can follow along.

Episode Highlights

  1. Money Equals Choices [03:05]
  2. Let’s talk about financial goals [02:24]
  3. Money Mindset Book Recommendations [05:18]
  4. How to set a financial goal and scale your business [06:07]