Ep. 71 – Awards to enter as an eCommerce Business


I recently came back from Sydney where I spent the day with 450+ other amazing women in business at the Ausmumpreneur conference and awards.

I love events like these, meeting other people who totally get me just fills my cup and I love hearing amazing stories from the speakers, and about the incredible businesses other attendees have.

To top off the event, I was thrilled to be recognized as the national winner for Business 2 Business Services and Online Education.

Winning the awards was such a wonderful achievement as it recognised all the hard work I put into making our training courses and community the absolute best they can be.

Entering awards is great for your business for several reasons.

A deep look at your business

You have to take a good look at your business when answering the questions and it may highlight areas you could improve on. It may also force you to stop and reflect on just how far you have come.

Like Minded Community

Being part of an awards event can introduce you to a whole new world of people on the same business journey as you. I’ve made great friends through these events who I still connect with. 


Being a finalist, or winning an award is great recognition for your brand and you can leverage this to create PR opportunities. It also creates great trust for your website, so display those award badges proudly.

Episode Highlights

  1. Awards are a great way to take a look at your business. [3:24] 
  2. It’s a good way to go through a process and reflect on your business. [3:57]
  3. Awards also introduce you to a whole new world of people that get you. [4:04]
  4. You can leverage your award for PR opportunities.[4:40]
  5. Don’t wait for someone to nominate you for an award; nominate yourself. [7:23]
  6. Karyn gives us a rundown of the different awards that you could enter for. [7:53]
  7. Benefits and drawbacks of free and paid awards [11:17] 
  8. It’s important to be friendly and build rapport with the judges. [15:52]
  9. Be confident in selling your business and don’t be afraid to talk yourself up. [16:14]
  10. When you’re thinking about which categories to enter, think about the ones you could be strongest in. [17:43]

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