Ep. 68 – Behind the scenes of business and life with Anaita Sarkar of Hero Packaging


In this episode I’m joined by eCommerce superstar Anaita Sarkar of Hero Packaging. Not only has Hero Packaging revolutionised the industry with the introduction of home compostable mailers, they are also a hugely successful eCommerce store in their own right. 

Anaita is so generous with her knowledge sharing everything from how the business started, the challenges she has faced along the way right through to how she manages working with her husband and raising 3 young kids! 

We chat about her brand new product, Aquahero, which is a complete gamechanger! 

She also shares the difference between biodegradable and home compostable which is a huge eye opener.

Tune in to hear her top 5 ways your brand can become more sustainable by making small tweaks that make a big difference.


Episode Highlights

  1. How did she come up with such a unique product?[1:31]
  2. What’s her product’s “cutting edge” and how does it work?[4:50]
  3.  Anaita shares her newest product and its perks [8:50]
  4. How else can an e-commerce store be a sustainable business? [14:10]
  5. The importance of building up your assets to make more sales [19:16]
  6. Getting brand awareness is a must in setting up your business and going to the next level [20:58]
  7. On overcoming challenges and hurdles in your fast growth business [23:20] 

Links Mentioned

About Anaita

Anaita is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hero Packaging, Author of Sell Anything Online, Guest Lecturer at Macquarie University, and host of Mamamia podcast, Lady Startup Academy. 

From their dining table, Anaita and her husband, Vik, co-founded Hero Packaging, an online home-compostable packaging company. What started as a solution for her previous business, where she was using enormous amounts of plastic to ship her products, is now a global company that has sold over 20 million compostable mailers. 

Hero Packaging has had incredible growth in the last 4 years and now has over 40,000 customers. The goal has always been to make packaging fun again, whilst doing better for the planet. Anaita’s main focus has been on building a go-to packaging brand and an engaged community of like-minded businesses.


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