Ep. 56 – How to Keep Going When Life Gets Tough With Bec Chappell


“Sometimes life is not all unicorns and rainbows. “

Today, I am chatting with Bec Chappell, host of Beautiful not Broken, about how to keep going when things get rough. She will give us amazing life advice on how to keep a headstrong faith amidst life’s pushes and pulls in her real, raw, and comical way. 

Beck knows firsthand how life can throw a lot of curveballs on you all at once and has been through her first share of crap. Today we will be discussing what to do when sales are down and times are tough. And show you a little bit more TELC!


Episode Highlights

  1. What do we do when the shit hits off the fan? [2:14]
  2. The first thing you do when you’re going through these emotions is to go through these emotions [6:02]
  3. Nurturing around changes and reframing perspectives [7:06]
  4. The importance of labeling your feelings and working through that emotion [7:29]
  5. Seek the opportunity but also allow yourself to be okay about the way that you feel [9:35]
  6. You can’t be thinking and doing all the time. It would help if you were outside looking in [16:56]
  7. In business, we need to be a little bit more resilient [19:03]
  8. The importance of incorporating fun into your life [23:07]
  9. Saying “I get to” instead of “I have to” [26:12]


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About Bec Chappell

Bec Chappell has successfully built and transformed multiple six-figure businesses with her undeniable prowess and skills. She works with fellow entrepreneurs and founders to create a kickass, unique marketing strategy. Bev believes that everyone is widely capable of doing a business of their own and achieving anything in life as long as you find a way to do it. 


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