Ep. 55 – How to Prepare Your Business for the End of Financial Year With Jodi Porteous


Today I am joined again by Jodi Porteous of North West Accountancy. Jodi is one of only ten Profit First masters in Australia. She’s also an accountant and money mentor. In this episode, we will be talking about how to prepare your business financially for the end of the financial year. Jodi fills us in with exciting tax incentives, what you can climb when working from home and what you can. We will also be answering an important question: “should you need to buy a new car?”. 

If you’re starting to stress about the end of the financial year and want to make this year hassle-free and an absolute breeze, be ready to tune in because this episode is just for you!


Episode Highlights

  1. How can businesses start to prepare for the end of the financial year to avoid cramming? [2:26]
  2. “Accurate data makes good decisions.” [4:13]
  3. Are there any good reasons for spending loads of cash by the end of the financial year? Like buying a car? [4:30]
  4. The money you’re saving in tax depends on your business. [6:06]
  5. Jodi’s opinion about donations [9:43]
  6. The business doesn’t necessarily have to pay taxes. You can directly pay it on your funds. [14:54]
  7. How to ramp up your business from starting point to success and profitability [19:03]
  8. Are there any tax incentives or tax returns for this year? [22:34]
  9. What can people do for the financial year so that the end isn’t as stressful? [26:02]

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About Jodi Porteous

Jodi is a professional accountant who brings value by giving her clients the best services that she could offer. She’s also a pioneer in the world of tax accounting. Jodi is your one call away when you have questions regarding your finances. 


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