Ep. 5 – How to Launch a New Product with Cinzia from The Smoothie Bombs

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If you’re thinking about launching a new product or adding one to the mix, this episode is perfect for you.

Today, we’re talking to Cinzia Cozzolino, the founder of the award-winning online store ‘The Smoothie Bombs’. She shares how she researches and decides what products to launch next, how to create hype and excitement around the launch, what to avoid when launching a new product to market, and also her launch strategy (using both free and paid media).

If this is your first time listening to our podcast, welcome! On our podcast, we share practical and actionable information around how you can sell more on your online store. We also interview some eCommerce powerhouses and take you behind the scenes of some of the most successful online stores. 

If you’re ready to sell more on your online store, this is the podcast for you.

Episode Highlights

  1. Cinzia and her booming smoothie business [01:33]
  2. The evolution of ‘The Smoothie Bombs’ [03:21]
  3. How her recent product launch unfolded [07:24]
    1. Cinzia’s recent product launch vs previous ones [09:32]
  4. How they came up with their new flavour [11:50]
  5. The process of hyping up their products [15:47] 
  6. What makes Cinzia’s business a huge success? [21:35]
  7. The role Facebook ads play in their launches [26:22] 
  8. Mistakes made and lessons learned in a product launch [31:00] 


Cinzia Cozzolino is a nutritionist and the founder of The Smoothie Bombs,
a certified organic smoothie booster range. In 2011, as a single mum,
she bootstrapped the company after being inspired to solve her
youngest daughter’s fussy eating problem.

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