Ep. 49 – Protecting your brand with Lisa Win from Win Trademarks


In today’s episode, we chat with Lisa Win from Win Trademarks. Our discussion centers around protecting your brand and what is the difference between trademark and copyright. Learn all the little things that you might not know about how you can protect your brand online and offline.

Your brand is a crucial part of your eCommerce business. It’s critical that you understand how to safeguard it and all that it stands for. You might be wondering where to begin? What action steps to consider? Well, don’t fret, because you’ve come to the right place!


Episode Highlights

  1. When is it important to start thinking about protecting your brand? [1:34] 
  2. Before you build your brand, make sure that you are not infringing anybody else’s trademark. [2:58]
  3. The difference between copyright and trademark. [5:25]
    1. What is copyright? [5:37]
    2. What is a trademark? [11:02]
  4. What are the things we can and cannot put a trademark on? [13:44]
  5. How do patents work, and how does it differ from trademark and copyright? [15:34]
  6. Lisa’s advice to new business owners that wish to protect their brand [18:29]




As a registered Trade Marks Attorney, Lisa Win gives personalized advice on how to give your business and brand the legal protection it deserves.

Lisa understands what it’s like to run a small business and build a brand. She understands that building a brand takes time, money, and a whole lot of effort and she works to help business owners to protect that investment.

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