Ep. 46 – Running a Business & a Family


In today’s episode, we talk about running a business and running a family—at the same time! We share some of the tips and strategies that we have found to be helpful along the way. So we hope you enjoy and feel free to share any that we haven’t included that you found helpful with us!

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Episode Highlights

  1. Work out why you are running a business [04:18]
  2. Some food prep and cooking tips [07:10]
    1. Store carrot sticks in a glass container that’s filled with water [07:45]
    2. Chop up some fresh fruits and keep them in the freezer [08:18]
    3. Cook a huge batch of pizza sauce and freeze them in ice trays [09:25]
    4. Don’t feel guilty about microwave rice [10:15]
    5. A 5-minute 5-ingredient pasta recipe [11:18]
  3. Learn to do things at a time that works for you [12:00]
  4. Focus on one thing at a time and do it well [16:05]
  5. The 2-minute tidy technique [17:12]
  6. Learn how to switch off from work [22:10]
  7. Write down all the things that you are thinking of or that you need to do [24:05]
  8. Turn off your notifications [25:58]

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