Ep. 43 – The Christmas Ham Episode


In today’s episode, we are discussing a recent post on Facebook that went viral, and we are discussing why—sometimes—all publicity is not good publicity. BUT! We are talking about how this fits in with our brand new marketing funnel and how you can use this to sell more on your online store.

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Episode Highlights

  1. About Bras N Things’ viral Facebook post [00:55]
    1. Some of the comments that we found hilarious [02:50]
    2. The post’s reach versus its impact on the brand’s organic social [06:00]
  2. How to overcome IOS changes and retarget people:
    1. Build an audience by getting people to self-select themselves [07:42]
    2. Put out a highly engaging post that is only relevant to that audience [07:50]
  3. Engagement is great but it needs to be the right engagement [10:38]
  4. Run an engagement ad that is not a sales post [12:05]
  5. The challenge of creating relevant posts that only attract the right audience [14:28]
  6. Test your content organically before putting it out as a paid ad [17:55]
    1. Identify whether people are problem aware, problem unaware, solution aware, or solution unaware [18:25]
  7. Our advice on creating clever and funny posts [21:08]


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