Ep. 38 – Is Black Friday Dead?


In today’s episode, we are talking all about quarter four and how in the past Black Friday has been a record sales date on the eCommerce calendar, but why we’re actually predicting this year might be a little different and why we’re actually recommending against Black Friday. So keep listening to see why this is and what we are suggesting instead.

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Episode Highlights

  1. About Black Friday [01:00]
    1. How our clients have fared during this Q4 holiday [01:32]
    2. Some stats from Q4 of 2018 [02:28]
  2. Our predictions and recommendations for this year [04:28]
    1. Why Black Friday has always been a thing [06:32]
    2. More people are going to be shopping online than ever for Christmas [08:10]
    3. Why it’s better host a sale in October or the start of November [10:05]
      1. On calling it a Black Friday sale [11:25]
      2. On naming the sale in a way that’s relevant to the brand [11:55]
  3. Why you should only have up to 2 sales/promotions a year [12:55]
    1. The difference between a promotion and a sale [14:20]
  4. Communication is key [15:35]
    1. What to do if you have an autoresponder email setup [17:52]
    2. If you put “last sale for the year” in your messaging, don’t give in to the temptation of hosting another sale after that one [19:38]
  5. Some examples of promotions you can do around Q4 [20:10]

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